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Our Team

Our company offers a high level of personal care in providing all the qualities required to ensure your success on the road of the trucking and heavy vehicles industry. Not only do our educational qualifications far exceed industry standards, knowledge and pedagogical teaching methods are constantly renewed through our dedication to continuing education. This teaching centre has traveled millions of kilometers, we are dedicated to the task and will do everything in our power to make your choice of our establishment all the more rewarding. Get the results through our winning team and get ready to travel millions of kilometer in return.

We provide only quality training

Our duty is to maintain our standard of quality of teaching beyond the services offered by our competition because you deserve it! Give yourself the excellence in heavy vehicle driving instruction. Whether it’s a career change or just a new start , remember that your success depends on the skills of the people around you . Before finalizing your choice with another institution, ask yourself this question: Am I good hand?


Am I good hand?

No need to search more, we provide the services that will satisfy you.

  • Flexible schedule to meet your needs
  • A customer service oriented on customer satisfaction
  • A courteous , professional and dedicated team
  • Payment flexibility
  • Reliable equipment that meets the industry standard
  • Theoretical training online
  • And the assurance of professional services from beginning to end
  • Contact us today and make a brand new start!

Le métier de camionneur vous intéresse, mais seriez-vous fait pour exercer cette profession? Prendre la décision de se lancer dans une formation professionnelle n’est pas une mince affaire....

Avant la formation :    Êtes-vous détenteur d’un permis de conduire classe 5? Vous devez être détenteur d’un permis de...

 Dans l'industrie du transport :

TÂCHES ET RESPONSABILITÉS : En tant que conductrice ou conducteur d’un camion lourd, tu auras pour tâches de conduire un...


Online Exam Stimulator

Online Exam Stimulator

Learn and study from your home by accessing our online training available for already 10 years. Our interactive courses also allow you to check your knowledge before you schedule your exam at the SAAQ .



Many of our students have shown, our quality training helps to find a job in record time . Check out this useful section now!

Specialized Training

Specialized Training

Get general details about our training of heavy vehicles. Many packages are available as needed.