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Class 3 Truck Driver Training License Course

What do you need to know:


The SAAQ requires that any applicant for the Class 3 truck learner’s license, meet the following requirements:

  • Have a maximum of 3 demerit points accumulated in his driving record
  • Have not had his driver’s licence suspended or revoked during the two previous years as the result of accumulating demerit points or a Criminal Code offence
  • Pass the visual test of the SAAQ
  • Submit a medical report to the satisfaction of the SAAQ (Form M28). * Issue costs of the medical report range from $ 40.00 – $ 70.00 depending on the chosen medical office.
  • Pass the theoretical examination of the SAAQ (cost: $ 11.60)
  • Have accumulated 24 months of experience as a licensed Class 5 driver (passenger vehicle)

Check the requirements and detailed learning period for Class 3 truck license

SAAQ Classe 3

 What is included in our truck training:


In-Class theory for a total of 8 hours broken in two appointments of 4 hours (Two consecutive saturday) 8h30-12h30

Also include online knowledge test
  • Unlimited access to our online training (over 450 questions)
  • Full access to our theoretical exam simulator.
  • Usually takes between 15 to 20 hours to be complete depending on your reading pace

Fact: After obtaining the learner license from the SAAQ, the apprentice will then be required a minimum waiting period before being eligible for booking the practical examination. This varies depending on the number of years of accumulated experience driving a Class 5 passenger vehicle.

Observation (Optional)

In all our training sessions, the number of observation session is the same as the practice sessions.  Example: If you made the choice of training for 10 hours of in-vehicle lessons, you are always accessing the same numbers of hours of observation. * The observation sessions are usually combined within (2) consecutive hours.

The observation benefits also allow the apprentice to:

  • Memorize the basics of starting the vehicle
  • To learn peacefully without any stress
  • To note and see how a safety inspection is performed before every departure, in order to memorize it.
  • Ask the instructor questions at the end of each session
  • Earn knowledge and expertise.
  • To better prepare for his future role as driver

Practical in-truck class 3 lessons on the road

Which include:

  • The pre-inspection of the vehicle
  • Change speeds (connection and disconnection)
  • The double clutch
  • The use of air brakes
  • Difficult situations of winter driving (if available)
  • Braking in Emergencies
  • Change in slope progressive speeds (Uphill and downhill clutching)
  • Parking in 90 degree and parallel
  • Turns
  • Urban and rural driving
  • Reverse gear
  • Access to highways
  • Evaluation and simulation practice exam
  • The laws of natural physics
  • Respond to contingencies and emergencies

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Online Exam Stimulator

Online Exam Stimulator

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